Digital Platform Solutions


Solutions for Digital Platforms ranging from Content Partner on-boarding, management, digital services, MRSS feed generation, etc.  BluEvo will oversee all areas of service for your content partners to deliver to your digital platform correctly and in the most efficient manner.  

  • Content Partner Management
  • Content Preparation
  • Automated ingest and analysis
  • Metadata Management
  • Cloud-based ordering & issue tracking
  • Automated Transcoding (Mezzanine, ABR)
  • Video Optimization
  • MRSS Feed Ingest/Creation
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Asset Management
  • OVP White Label
  • Player Integration
  • API integrations
  • Editorial

Digital Delivery Services

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Do you have a library of Film/TV content you would like to distribute to online platforms?  Perhaps you are are handling the process of transcoding, packaging, delivery and archiving in-house already.

But is it as efficient, cost effective and scalable as you grow?  BluEvo can assist you by managing your growing library and increasing digital platform delivery destinations by providing true automated end-to-end solutions using proprietary systems that provide efficient, accurate, low-cost and high quality output.  

Utilizing BluCloud™, we manage the processing and handling of all elements in a project through "intelligent automation" to ensure a highly efficient and accurate delivery to multiple OTT platforms.    

Ingest, Content Prep, Metadata management, closed captioning, packaging, digital platform delivery, archiving (cloud and local).  

  • Cloud-based client portal
  • Automated metadata creation
  • Editorial
  • Asset Management
  • Timed Text (subtitles, CC) creation
  • Automated Package Creation
  • Automatic delivery/transmissions
  • Archiving
  • Watch folders
  • and more...

Licensing BluCloud™


BluCloud™ is our custom-built proprietary solution for OTT platforms and those delivering to platforms.

Efficient. Organized. Agile. Intuitive.  

This is the foundation of BluCloud™.  

BEEP™ -  Offers a single location for all asset delivery, project management including reporting, monitoring, etc. 

MATT™ - Intelligent and "true automation".  Our solution for storing and packaging metadata for single and multiple platforms with a single click. 

BETI™ - Our integrated transcoding system used to provide automatic edits and transcodes for multiple platforms with minimal interaction.  

DATA™ - Utilizing the other 3 BluCloud™ systems, this will automatically put all assets, metadata, etc. and transmit through an automation process.  

An extension to your team - Integrated into your workflow - Customizable, Scalable, Proactive

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