Managed & Customized Services

Is your current digital media service solution efficient, cost effective and scalable?  BluEvo can assist you by managing your growing library and increasing digital platform delivery destinations by providing cloud-based automated end-to-end solutions using proprietary systems that provide efficient, accurate, low-cost and high quality output.  

Content Owners & Rights Holders
Digital Media Services - Ingest, QC, Editorial, Transcoding, Metadata Packaging, OTT Platform Delivery,  Subtitles/CC creation, Asset Management, Cloud and local based Storage/Archiving, and more.

OTT Platforms
Solutions for OTT Platforms ranging from Content Partner on-boarding, management, digital services, MRSS feed generation, workflow development, etc.  


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Software As A Solution

Are your digital media services being conducted internally or at a vendor?  

Use BluCloud™ to enhance efficiencies with current workflows.

BluCloud™ can integrate with any system and be customized as needed.     

License all or only a few components as needed. 

BEEP™ -  Offers a single location for all asset delivery, work kick-off, project management including reporting, monitoring, etc. to internal or vendor systems. 

DATA™ - DAM solution where you can view assets stored in single or multiple locations.  Ability to create/view proxy files, send time-based links, download, see statistics, edit/view metadata, etc. 

MATT™ - Intelligent automation for metadata transformation to single and multiple OTT platforms with a single click. 

BETI™ - Our integrated transcoding system used to provide automatic edits and transcodes for multiple platforms with minimal interaction.  


Licensing - Distribution



As a content owner, you want to get as many views as possible, but that can be hard to do.  Between the hundreds of distribution options, where does your content fit? BluEvo knows your options and reaches out to the platforms that would best fit your content. 

BluEvo deals with both libraries of content or individual content, including features, episodic titles, short form, etc. 

BluEvo has relationships with a multitude of OTT and VOD services and can get your content where it needs to go.

BluEvo uses different pricing models to best fit our clients. We are an end-to-end worldwide digital distribution partner that delivers in-house encoding, quality control, packaging, delivery, and archiving.





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OTT Platform Development

With an OTT channel, content owners can directly reach consumers and make a lasting impact.

Through different VOD models, BluEvo can tailor-pick and create a customized OTT platform for you to use.

Our team will work to get your content on its own channel that can be used on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, and more.

Choose from a subscription, advertising, or transaction-based model.  

An extension to your team - Integrated into your workflow - Customizable, Scalable, Proactive

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